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Our counsellors
Stéphanie Goffaux
Stéphanie Goffaux
Psychologist FSP, Biel
As a psychologist who mainly works with expats in Switzerland, Kyan Health's offer immediately caught my attention. I am impressed by Kyan Health's end-to-end solution, which provides easy access to mental health. The app is easy to navigate and contains several CBT exercises I like to recommend to my clients. I am very happy to have joined a network of professionals interested in leveraging digital tools to optimise and transform mental-health care.
Miruna Stoca
Miruna Stoca
Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist, Vevey
I joined Kyan to work with patients early, before they reach a severe crisis and support them to get back to thriving in their professional and private lives
Louis Nahum
Louis Nahum
Clinical Psychologist FSP, Geneva
I joined Kyan Health because it offers me the opportunity to deliver an integrative approach combining neuroscience, CBT and biofeedback to motivated and resourceful patients who respond very well to these methods
Clare Killikelly
Clare Killikelly
Clinical Psychologist FSP, Zurich
I joined Kyan Health to work with dynamic professionals and be part of an innovative online platform. Kyan Health has a fresh approach to mental health care that seeks to break the traditional barriers to psychotherapy by providing an accessible, evidence-based and energetic online network and service


  • MSc in Psychology from accredited university
  • License to practice psychotherapy in home country
  • Minimum 2 years of clinical experience
  • Professional liability insurance as mandated in your home country
  • Ability to work independently and issue invoices
  • Certification from an ICF accredited coaching institution
  • Minimum 2 years of adult coaching experience
  • Ability to work independently and issue invoices

Our goal is to reach our members where they are and support them as they go through the ebbs and flows of life. To do so, we offer 2 types of services:
  • Asynchronous text-based counselling - support your clients via text from anywhere in the world at any time via the Kyan Health app
  • Live video and voice counselling - schedule and conduct live counselling sessions via our fully secure Kyan Health platform

As a Kyan counsellor you get paid for all your time, either for text-based counselling or live video/voice counselling. Contact us to discover our competitive rates
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