Making mental
well-being a superpower


Kyan Health addresses organizational and employee mental health and well-being needs at the same time, end-to-end

Organizational Support
Organizational support to maximize employee mental well-being
Employee Support
Employee mobile app for resilience building & proactive support
Support your people and boost corporate performance by working with Kyan Health
Your goal is to provide the best (mental) well-being support to your colleagues across the globe through an end-to-end solution making well-being a fact-based discussion and tracking the impact your initiatives have
holistic global effective proven impact
You are responsible for driving overall business performance and you deeply care about your people. Helping everyone in your organization to perform at their best and grow your business sustainably are your main goals
performance growth sustainability
You are looking for a confidential and engaging (mental) health & well-being solution that supports you and your colleagues and you feel your organization could do more to genuinely support everyone in the organization
confidential engaging simple helpful
How many people work in your organization?

Number of employees struggling with a mental health challenge

Number of workdays lost yearly due to mental health related absenteeism, presenteeism or turnover


Annual cost for your organization of poor and/or untreated mental health

The Kyan Health Experience

Kyan Health helps organizations create psychologically safe workspaces where employees thrive

Organizational diagnostic to assess the psychological well-being of your people and identify root causes of distress
Leadership and employee trainings on mental health at work (e.g., Steering clear of burnout, being a caring leader, mental health awareness)
Proactive employee engagement via the Kyan Health App
Real-time transparency on employee mental well-being
Why Kyan Health

Reasons leading corporations trust Kyan Health with their mental health & well-being initiatives

01. Fact-based

Making mental well-being a fact-base discussion - action plans adapted to employer needs and baseline to track impact

02. Proactive

Helping to move from reactive to proactive support and prevent acute crisis situations

03. Trustworthy

As a trusted 3rd party handling employee mental well-being needs and preserving 100% confidentiality

04. End-to-end

One solution to cover the full spectrum of need - awareness, engagement, resilience, early intervention & counselling

05. Global

One solution for all colleagues - 24/7 support scalable to anywhere in the world within a few clicks


In India, the topic of mental health is not a topic we openly talk about - it is great to have a confidential point of access to seek help without fear of being judged
Senior Manager
At first, I was not really convinced of a mental health support app, but now I really see the value of the Kyan Health support resources for my team
Team Lead
I am grateful to our leadership team for openly addressing mental health as a topic and for supporting to us and our families at no cost for us personally
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