Reinventing workplace mental health & well-being to empower individuals and create thriving companies

About Kyan

Kyan Health is the first digital health company in Switzerland providing fully personalized, evidence-based mental health & well-being for employees and their families.

Kyan’s mission is to unlock the true potential of employees by creating a frictionless experience to access mental health and well-being services for our members.

Kyan addresses organizational and individual needs at the same time. Our experience has shown that the only way to improve how people feel and perform at work in an enduring way is by providing the tools and resources that individuals need to feel supported while transforming the organizational context to ensure psychological safety.

Our team


Improve lives

We are grounded in science to make a real difference in people’s lives


We destigmatize the conversation on mental health and well-being


We integrate with all actors of the ecosystem and create a frictionless experience for employees, employers, providers and insurers


We proactively connect with our members to address their needs early


We support our members to become the best versions of themselves with personalized solutions tailored to their needs

Celebrate diversity

We recognize and celebrate individual differences and we provide tailored support to each individual


Vlad Gheorghiu and Konstantin Struck decided to launch Kyan Health after their firsthand experience with mental health challenges in the workplace, after witnessing the pitfalls of existing solutions and the devastating effects of poor mental health on individuals, families and organizations. Ignacio (Nacho) Leonhardt joined the founding team and leads Kyan’s product and technology work. A seasoned entrepreneur, he’s been successfully developing technology for the past 10 years. He’s driven by developing products with meaning which materially improve people’s lives. Kyan was designed based on years of research and development in partnership with senior business leaders, leading mental health researchers, neuroscientists and employees

Our Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Ehlert Chair of Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
Logo: University of Zürich
Dr. Urs Karkoschka Head of Human Performance Innovation
Logo: Novartis
Prof. Dr. Florian von Wangenheim Professor of Technology Marketing, Department of Management, Technology, and Economics
Logo: ETH Zürich
Birgit Maillefaud People & Business Executive
Senior HR Advisor and Board Member
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