The Swiss Wellbeing Summit 2023 brought together diverse experts in our community — from thought leaders and executives to benefits professionals and mental health providers.

Well-being summit 2023
Portrait of Nicola Spirig
Nicola Spirig
Olympic champion, five-time Olympian Sportswoman of the Year Global Triathlon Lifetime Award winner
Portrait of Lucy Milanowska
Lucy Milanowska
Psychologist Former HR Director
Kyan Health
Portrait of Teresia Biörnberg
Teresia Biörnberg
Professional Coach CPCC / ICF ACC
Kyan Health
Portrait of Romeo Ruh
Romeo Ruh
Agile Executive Coach ICF PCC
Kyan Health
Portrait of Anabel Fall
Anabel Fall
Chief People Officer
Portrait of Birgit Maillefaud
Birgit Maillefaud
Chief Human Resources Officer
KNF Group
Portrait of Dirk Verburg
Dirk Verburg
Head of Leadership Development
The Adecco Group
Portrait of Alessandra Del Pino
Alessandra Del Pino
Head of Engagement & Growth
On Sportsware
Portrait of Yana Romlein
Yana Romlein
Learning & Development Specialist
On Sportsware
Tuesday October 8th 2024
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