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Make mental wellbeing your super-power and cultivate the habit of self-care

Discover the Kyan Health experience
The Kyan Health Experience

Kyan Health helps individuals build the habit of self-care through science-based tools and resources

Gain self-awareness through robust self-assessments
Build resilience with personalized self-care tools
Chat with a counsellor, wherever and whenever, on any topic, directly in the Kyan Health app
Connect with coaches and therapists matched to your needs in record time
Safe and effective

Our approach is grounded in science and is proven to make a real difference in people's lives. Our content is developed by mental health professionals with both clinical and research experience and is reviewed by research institutions to ensure safety and efficacy.

Kyan Health complies with GDPR/DSGVO regulations. All user data is protected by advanced encrypting algorithms.
Kyan Health is SSL-certificated and operates exclusively via SSL-encrypted connections to ensure maximum data security.
Stored locally
Kyan Health servers are located within Europe. All data will be stored securely with the highest industry standards.
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