Leading Minds: Episode 1 – Innovation in Mental Health

Join our CEO Vlad Gheorghiu on the first edition of the Leading Minds podcast as he interviews Alec Ross, a New York time best selling author, leading innovation expert and Kyan Health Board member.

Sarah Korba
Mar 04, 2024
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Our CEO Vlad Gheorghiu recently sat down with our esteemed Director, Professor Alec Ross, in his beautiful apartment in Bologna, Italy, to delve into the critical intersection of innovation, leadership, and mental health. Dive into the depths of this thought-provoking discussion by watching the interview above.

Key insights from the conversation:

  • Mental health is health: Professor Ross argues that mental health should be seen as a fundamental aspect of overall well-being, similar to physical health. This reframing is crucial to promoting a culture where people feel empowered to prioritise their mental health without stigma or judgement.
  • Business imperatives: Leaders need to recognise that mental health is both a moral imperative and a strategic business decision. Investing in comprehensive mental health programmes can increase productivity, attract and retain top talent and deliver long-term cost savings and returns. This approach is in line with the changing preferences of the workforce, particularly Generation Z, for whom well-being is a decisive factor in recruitment and retention decisions.
  • AI as a bridge to destigmatising mental health: Professor Ross highlights the potential of AI-powered tools to destigmatise psychological challenges by providing personalised interventions and accessible support. By moving away from the “one-size- fits-all” approach, AI platforms provide convenient access for people seeking information and help, and promote a culture of openness.
  • Data-driven decision making for mental health initiatives: The use of AI technologies enables companies to collect, analyse and interpret large amounts of data about the well-being of their employees. This approach enables informed decisions about resource allocation, programme effectiveness and strategy. Real-time monitoring and adjustment of mental health initiatives ensures tailored interventions that address changing needs and optimise the impact of the programme to achieve positive outcomes.
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